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Online credibility, honesty and integrity tests

The most advanced recruiting tools

IntegrityMeter is a technologically pioneering company, offering breakthrough systems in the field of computerized pre employment screening and employment assessment tests.
The revolutionary platform developed by the Company, offers human resources and security departments the most advanced pre employment and employment screening tests, as well as cutting edge recruitment and analysis tools of their kind. The unique combination of a comprehensive ethical analysis and an innovative mechanism for detecting concealment not only assembles the most complete profile for each candidate but also can be used as a supplement to a background check. Integritymeter can help your company streamline its recruitment process and increase employee retention.
To date, the Company's products have been translated into 14 languages. Read more about IntegrityMeter

Pre-employment screening test – recruiting for perfection

IntegrityMeter is the most comprehensive and reliable recruitment tool of its kind.
Along with the extraordinarily extensive coverage, the test offers smart mechanisms for exposing attempts to conceal information and reduces human error within the test. The results are precise and unequivocal. The test is simple to use, flexible and can be tailored to each organization's requirements. The Pre employment screening test can help create a safer work environment and reduce employee turnover. Read more about our pre employment honesty test

Periodic assessment test – your peace of mind

An advanced credibility assessment test that offers an accurate picture of what goes on in an organization all year round and makes it possible to find slipups, prevent losses, reduce absenteeism and a long list of other possible problems. The periodic employment testing aids Human Resource professionals and hiring managers in performing employee assessments and the reduction of absenteeism.
The test is tailored to suit the organization's requirements, to the resolution of the single worker. IntegrityMeter is the best and most worthwhile employment assessment choice for organizations. Read more about our periodic integrity test

We invite you to get a personal impression from IntegrityMeter's smart tests.