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The right people

Advanced tools for quick, precise and safe recruitment

Employees' recruitment is one of the most complicated challenges faced by an organization. Finding and placing a suitable employee depend on a variety of parameters: professional suitability for the position, suitable personality for the organization, integrity and reliability. While successful recruitment helps promote the organization and its goals, recruitment of an unsuitable employee may lead to waste of time and resources and even harm the organization - starting with hurting morale in the work place and compromising the organization's reputation, and ending with theft or industrial espionage.

Supporting the screening, recruitment and placement processes

Integrity Meter's platform and tests provide a full picture of the candidate before his/her recruitment, by combining professional and personality tests, which examine all the aspects required to measure his/her suitability for the position and the organization. Obtaining computerized report prevents emotional bias, guarantees more accurate results and allows an informed choice of employees.

From the recruitment stage throughout the employment period

In order to contribute to the success of the recruitment and to reduce the risk involved in the process, IntegrityMeter offers a variety of tests:

Why choose Integrity Meter ?

A winning cooperation

Recognizing the importance of cooperation between the the human resources and security departments for the success of the recruitment process led IntegrityMeter to develop the tests, taking into account the requirements of the two departments, offering:

  • A comprehensive solution both the challenges of recruitment and to the organizational need to prevent loss.

  • A combination of tools from both fields - such as CV verification and background check.

  • In-depth analysis which protects the organization's interests, while maintaining the candidate's dignity.

  • Early detection of unsuitable candidates who may cause damage to the organization.

  • Collaboration between departments in questioning potentially problematic candidates.


The most comprehensive and accurate profile of candidates


Simple and convenient operation and implementation


Analyzing personal and professional skills, alongside a reliability test
Full modification of the tests to the organization's spirit and goals


Flexibility and fast weighting capability of new data



Getting immediate, unequivocal and reasoned results


Computerized screening days in any location, quickly and simply
Saving resources by preventing the recruitment and training of unsuitable employees and then having to recruit again


Who are you looking for?

We'll help you focus on the right candidate.


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