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Loss prevention

Maximum reliability, minimum loss

Computerized tools to support the organizational defense system

The need to protect itself from physical loss or damage to digital and conceptual assets, compels the organization to supervise its entire activity. The problem arises when the steps taken to preserve its security harm the current activity and provoke internal resistance. When this situation occurs, the organizational security department's job becomes very complex.

Maximal protection from the recruitment stage on

The Integrity Meter platform offers a variety of reliability tests that allow the creation of fruitful cooperation between the security and personnel departments. The tests, developed by a team including polygraph experts who served in the Israel Security Agency, provide the fullest picture of a job candidate - starting with deep background checks and exposing attempts to hide information, and ending with testing the candidate's professional and personal skills.

Through early detection of potentially problematic candidates, Integrity Meter allows the organization's security experts to save time and valuable resources - by reducing the number of meetings with candidates and by reducing the scope of the debriefing.

Complementary services

In order to allow full utilization of the information obtained through the tests, you can use a variety of complementary services:

  • CV verification - verifying details with  workplaces and educational institutions

  • Background check - testing and crosschecking data from legal databases

  • Complementary questioning - questioning for the purpose of clarifying details that emerged in the reliability report

  • Full questioning - comprehensive questioning about all the topics defined by the employer

Comprehensive supervision of employee activity

In addition to the pre-employment tests, Integrity Meter offers periodical credibility tests to allow current control over the employees' conduct.

The tests allow the exposure of irregularities and improper conduct in the organization.

A winning cooperation

The recognition that the personnel department is the organization's most significant gate, led Integrity Meter to develop the tests, taking into account the requirements of both departments:

  • A comprehensive solution to the recruitment challenges as well as to the organizational need to prevent loss

  • Combining tools from both worlds -  such as CV verification and background checks

  • Deep scrutinies protecting the organizational interests, while maintaining the candidate's dignity

  • Early detection of unsuitable candidates who may cause harm

  • Cooperation between departments with regard to questioning potentially problematic candidates

Why choose Integrity Meter ?


The most comprehensive and accurate profile of work candidates
A report of facts and suspicions that can be examined using complementary tools



The only test that exposes attempts to hide information
Maximal information security



Statistics and comparison to various populations inside and outside the organization
Full modification to the organization's security requirements


Saving resources by preventing the recruitment and training of unsuitable workers and then having to recruite again



A mechanism for defining individual permissions

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