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Recruit to Perfection

Integrity Meter develops the most advanced reliability tests in the world

Smart screening, recruitment and control

Integrity Meter specializes in developing smart reliability test solutions that improve the recruitment process as well as the ability to control employee conduct. The groundbreaking platform and the variety of preliminary tests offered by the company were developed by a combined team of human resources, credibility and integrity experts, with rich professional backgrounds in civil and governmental defense organizations.

Integrity Meter's platform is flexible and allows maximal modification to any organization's nature and goals. In order to ensure that all platform capabilities are exhausted, the Integrity Meter team personally accompanies the Personnel and Security department staffs of the organization and provides them with current consultation and guidance. Furthermore, Integrity Meter’s team carries out current R & D processes, in order to keep the tests up-to-date and adapt them to the organizations' changing needs, as well as to new challenges they have to face.


The Integrity Meter platform is currently used by private and public organizations all over the world. The test layout developed by the company has been translated to dozens of languages.

An accurate and comprehensive reliability profile

By combining a comprehensive analysis of the candidate's world of personal values and an innovative mechanism that detects attempts to withhold information, the Integrity Meter platform provides the most accurate and complete reliability profile of each candidate. As a result, the percentage of employees suitable to their positions and to the organizational climate becomes infinitely greater, employee turnover is reduced, and the risk and rate of loss to which the organization is exposed are reduced as well.

Current analysis, supervision and control

Integrity Meter provides the organization's personnel and security experts with a variety of tests that allow them to conduct comprehensive analysis and monitoring from the moment the employee is admitted into the organization and throughout all stages of his/her employment:

  • Pre-employment Test - a decision-supporting tool during analysis and recruitment, used before the employee is admitted into the organization. It includes a wide variety of topics related to personal values and integrity, including occupational background and criminal records. The test is fully customized to the organization's needs.   

  • Periodical Test - a tool to asses reliability and credibility of existing employees of the organization. The test is adapted to each position.

  • Complementary tests - background checks, occupational integrity questioning, CV verification, etc.   

Menachem Gozlan

An employee-evaluation, polygraph and investigation expert, with professional training from the General Security Service, and with proven work experience since 1976. Mr. Gozlan has also had professional training in psychology, physiology and pharmacology. In the past he served as Head of the Defense Establishment Investigations Department. Mr. Gozlan is a member of the Israeli and the American Polygraph Examiners Associations.

Since 1987, Mr. Gozlan has been providing reliability services (employee evaluation, questioning, background checks and polygraph tests) to private companies and to courts.

The Integrity Meter system was established based on Mr. Gozlan's extensive knowledge and experience.

Dotan Shavit
Dotan Shavit

A software development expert, with rich experience in developing communication-based systems and information security.


Since 1997, Mr. Shavit has accumulated a great deal of experience in developing Unix/Linux-based systems and server-client softwares.


Mr. Shavit started his professional career as a software developer at MINT, a software infrastructure supplier to banks around the world, and even represented MINT in investigating technical/technological events in leading banks around the world.

The technological infrasturcture of the Integrity system is based on Mr. Shavit's professional knowledge and experience.

Eran Laufer
Eran Laufer


An economics and management B.A. graduate, Mr. Laufer was one of the founders of Emka Card Systems Company and served as its national sales director for seventeen years. In the course of his duty, Mr. Laufer worked with the largest companies in Israel and managed a turnover amounting to tens of millions of shekels.


Thanks to his activity, Emka Card Systems became the largest PVC card manufacturer in the Middle East.


Mr. Laufer was also one of the founders of the Israel Police Diving Unit and even served as its chief for seven years. He also served as the Diving Association's chairman between the years 2006-2016.

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