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Recruiting and Preserving the Best

Integrity Meter's groundbreaking reliability tests guarantee recruitment of reliable

employees, according to the position's requirements and the profile of your organization.

What is your main activity area?

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The world's most advanced reliability test platform


Integrity Meter's platform examines each candidate's credibility, reliability and background, and presents a full and accurate reliability profile. As a result, the percentage of employees suitable for the position and the organizational climate is higher, employee turnover decreases and the risk and rate of loss to which the organization is exposed to reduces.

Personal reliability tests for every purpose

Pre-employment Test >>

A test that produces an accurate reliability profile, by analyzing the candidate's personal values, detecting attempts to withhold information and using extensive comparison capabilities.

Periodical Test >>

A test that allows supervision, monitoring and control; gives you a full picture of what goes on in the organization, by detecting irregularities and preventing losses and internal disorders.

Occupational Integrity Questioning >>

A face-to-face interview focused on collecting comprehensive information about a candidate, according to the organization's definition of occupational integrity: personality, behavior, attitude etc.

Background Check >>

A deep scrutiny of the candidate's personal and professional backgrounds, which may significantly minimize the risk involved in the recruitment process.

Why choose Integrity Meter?

The most comprehensive and accurate profile of candidates



Computerized screening days in any location, organized quickly and simply
Full modification of the
tests to the organization's
spirit and goals



Flexibility and capability to quickly process and weight new data


Simple and convenient operation and implementation


Saving resources by
preventing the recruitment and training of unsuitable employees and then having to recruit again


Statistics and comparison to various populations inside and outside the organization


Getting immediate, unequivocal and explained results

We win the trust of the best minds!

Who are you looking for?

We'll help you focus on the right candidate.


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